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Kingwood, TX

Practicing law in Texas since 1985, the Law Office of C. Mark Porter is an experienced family and criminal law firm in Kingwood, Texas qualified to represent clients in all family law cases including but not limited to divorces, child custody, child support, modifications, pre-marital agreements and adoptions. Family law matters such as divorces deal with some of the most important and life changing experiences for you and your loved ones. C. Mark Porter is uniquely equipped with the skills to guide you through these difficult times and into a positive result. We are a firm dedicated to providing you with quality representation in agreed matters and contested litigation. We practice family law in all geographical locations within the state of Texas.

Family Law Cases Include:

Criminal Cases Including:

Divorce DWI
Child support DUI
Child custody Drug offences
Premarital and Post-marital agreements Theft
Custody and Visitation Assault
Protective orders Family violence
Restraining Orders Burglary
Emergency and Temporary orders Sexual offenses
Paternity Suits Motions to revoke probation
Contempt of Court Termination / Reduction of Probation
Enforcement actions Juvenile crime
Termination of parental rights Robbery

C. Mark Porter also handles all misdemeanors and felonies. We are licensed in the state of Texas.

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